Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Twin Speaks: Say I Yi Yi

According to the always-reliable Wikipedia, there are approximately 125M twins and triplets running all willy-nilly around the world, wearing matching outfits, causing confusion, and speaking some indecipherable imitation of a language. Still, Bill O'Reilly and other correct-wingers shan't have too much to worry about: these 'undesirables' seem pretty polite, even if you can't understand a word they say. HYEAH?!

Twin Speaks: Say I Yi Yi from jeff on Vimeo.


Dave said...

i have never seen anything funnier in my entire life. im going to show all my friends this. this is amazing

!@#$%^&*() said...


incognegro said...

Based off the post title alone, I've now got Say Yi joint stuck in my head


I hate u guys.