Monday, October 1, 2007

The Hunger for More

It looks like someone made a store just for me, and while Herb & Rae Dioh's Groceria doesn't have a name that fits into any worthwhile commercial jingles, they're still able to create low-budget videos with big value. You know, as long as you put more stock in 'bana-Nas' than 'clever writing'.

The Hunger for More from jeff on Vimeo.

PS: Some of you may be scratching knuckles to heads and saying, "Hey, we've seen this darned sketch before." Welp, you (might) have. But seriously, gang, if Kanye West is allowed to recycle some of his (admittedly good) mixtape rhymes years later, we can re-publish a two-month-old clip after an exhausting week of moving to our new apartment.

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